55 Nuffield St, Newmarket, Auckland 1023, New Zealand Open Now

"Entering the restraunt gave of a beautiful environment, especially dining next to the water fountain . Ambience : 4.5/5 I had ordered Com Soun, a classic viet dish . Was good but pork chops were a bit too greasy and had been given small amounts of fish sauce to spread over my dish. Food : 3.8/5 Nice place to stop by for lunch or dinner with friends and family."

"Great place to eat, prices are reasonable and food is decently sized. Service is fast and friendly. Ordered the egg noodle soup with lemongrass chicken $15 and some of the desserts. Would recommend and will be coming back."

"Great food, affordable and extremely quick service. Taste better then a lot of more expensive places. The curry chicken with rice is a solid recommendation. More home cooked feel then Selera in Newmarket."

"I went during a busy lunch time but the service was still really nice and quick. I got a Panfried Chicken with Lemongrass & Rice Noodle Soup with some wontons added into it. The dish was delicious and the panfried chicken is even more tasty with the brown bbq(?) sauce. YUM☺"

"Been to most of the other branches around Auckland and this one is always consistant with their taste. Ordering A01 (Deep fried vietnamese spring rolls) has almost become a ritual when I go as it’s so tasty! Sometimes the noodle soups aren’t hot enough, but that’s just my preference :p"

"Came here on a busy Friday Lunch! The place the full the whole time I was there but regardless the service was quick the food came out unbelievably fast and still tasted great!"

"Okay average quick meal but I like other hansans better. Service could get very slow when the restaurant is super busy they sometimes still have one or two waitress going around. So why not make it selfserve? Or you go up to the counter order & pay and get your food? Not sure but yeah I think the one on the shore or in cbd is better than this one (other ones I can get extra noodles or rice or veggies easily and if I'm running out of sauces easy to get but here nearly impossible to get their attention or maybe I should avoid during lunch/dinner hours?? Lol)"

"My husband and i come here multiple times a month and have been for years and ee looooove it"

"Yummiest stop before reading cinemas!"

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